Central Electric Cooperative

Central Electric Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative that provides electrical service to more than 20,000 meters with more than 4,000 miles of electrical line. The service area covers approximately 2,000 square miles and includes parts of Noble, Garfield, Lincoln, Logan, Oklahoma, Pawnee, and Payne counties.

Headquartered in Stillwater, Central strives to be the next generation utility by remaining responsive and relevant to consumer-owners. Central invests in infrastructure and technologies that increases efficiencies and produces a return on investments. These investments help the cooperative in being good stewards of the resources provided to us. 

Central’s headquarters is Stillwater’s only LEED Gold Certified building. LEED buildings are built to the highest of energy and environmental standards. Some features of Central’s campus include:

Central’s headquarters is home to a data center that ensures Central is able to meet regulatory requirements for housing data, and a systems operation center serves as the nerve center for Central’s utility operations. Central has made strategic investments over the past 10 years in smart grid technologies. The systems operation center allows Central’s analysts to model and analyze data from the smart grid. These investments have reduced cost in areas of line loss, power factor losses, and load factor. To see the service area and outages at any time, visit Central's outage viewer.

Central has assets in excess of $100 million and employs approximately 80 people. Every member of Central Electric Cooperative is an owner of the business.