Local Streets

Within city limits, the City is responsible for 440+ lane miles of asphalt and concrete pavements;  28 bridges, 65 signalized intersections, 8,000+ traffic signs, 30+ miles of bike facilities, including share-the-road routes and bike lanes. 

The City of Stillwater often partners with Payne County and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to maintain the area's streets. There is a dedicated half-penny sales tax for transportation improvements.

Intersection Traffic Counts

Industrial Access

SH-51 and US-177 provide access to heavy manufacturing and high-tech park areas.

Pavement Management Program

Stillwater's Pavement Management Program (PMP) prioritizes and recommends transportation improvements within the City's rights of way.

The program identifies appropriate maintenance strategies (preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, deferred maintenance) for each street based on their condition and use.

Other advantages of this program include:

Ongoing Projects within Stillwater & in Partnership with ODOT