Retail Development

Stillwater serves as the shopping hub for north-central Oklahoma with consumers coming from Ponca City, Perry, Pawnee, Perkins and Cushing.

Stillwater Segmentation Profile

As for Stillwater proper, the two largest segments of consumer profiles are "College Towns" and "Dorms to Diplomas." The remaining profiles are "Metropolitan," "Exurbanites" and "Aspiring Young Families."

Retailers can see that the impact of Oklahoma State University by the lifestyles of its residents. A constantly refreshed market exists for businesses to target young singles.

1ESRI, Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile, 2014

Projects Under Development 

Follow this link to view development projects that are in various stages of the City of Stillwater's review process or in the construction phase. City of Stillwater Commercial Projects 2016–2017 from City of Stillwater

Local Things To Do & Shopping

Follow this link to VisitStillwater for an overview of attractions, where to stay, restaurant's and shopping areas.